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Is your current IT staff overworked? Our staff of Cisco and Microsoft Certified Engineers are available to support your IT infrastructure. We can tailor a solution to fit your business's IT needs.

Wireless LAN

Wireless LANs (WLAN) enable staff to stay connected to network resources for more hours throughout the day—whether in the office, in a meeting room, or roaming a common area. These solutions enhance your workforce's ability to work productively and collaboratively, and stay more closely connected to customers and partners.

As WLAN deployment expands into more applications and installation scenarios, a diverse line of access points is required to meet the associated capacity, coverage, and environmental requirements. mc.net engineers can come to your company and survey your building to get a better understanding of your company's needs and requirements.

mc.net has deployed hundreds of Wireless Access Points throughout Chicagoland, from warehouses and manufacturing plants to schools and office buildings. mc.net deploys Cisco Systems products and services. mc.net Wireless customers include fortune 500 companies and is staffed by Cisco Certified Engineers.

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For more information, please contact us at 847-594-5111 or email corpsales@mc.net